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1111 angel number meaning

Have you been seeing 11:11 more frequently? This is a clear sign that your higher self is initiating you to take the next step in your spiritual development and journey.

11:11 = 22

22 is the Master Builder Number

According to the ancient art of numerology, the Master Number 22 is the most powerful of all numbers and is able to turn lofty dreams into realities. It represents the 22 universal laws of spirituality and when you master them you become a conscious co-creator with the divine.


The 22 universal laws that are contained in the major arcana of the Tarot, are considered to contain the archetypal energies of what has come to be known as the “Master Builder”.


The Universal Laws
22 Seeds of Potential, Power & Purpose

1. The Law of Consciousness
2. The Law of Duality
3. The Law of Manifestation
4. The Law of Karma
5. The Law of Harmony
6. The Law of Attraction
7. The Law of Growth
8. The law of Cycles
9. The Law of Wisdom
10. The Law of Evolution
11. The Law of Hierarchies
12. The Law of Sacrifice
13. The Law of Transformation
14. The Law of Need
15. The Law of Correspondence
16. The Law of Compensation
17. The Law of Adaptation
18. The Law of Selection
19. The Law of Heritage
20. The Law of Purpose
21. The Law of Order
22. The Law of Balance

Your Potential, Power & Purpose

The Living Crystal

The Living Crystal is a powered meditation device that amplifies the metaphysical properties of any crystal you place on top of it.

The Living Crystal gives you more of whatever it is we use to meditate, conduct energy, healing, perform pranayama, etc. It enhances concentration, relaxes the body, and aids in learning. It also places people into a trance state very quickly and opens your perception of the greater world around you.

How does it work?

A LED illuminates the center of the crystal and shines through it to the top crystal, introducing a clear white light. A copper coil wrapped around the crystal is powered by a 9V battery and exerts a subtle magnetic field around the Vogel-like crystal that energizes the crystal and creates a field effect. This charges the surrounding area with energy. Subsequently, the crystal on top influences the field, and using a different crystal will give a different effect.

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