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The Living Crystal

Unlock Your Potential, Power & Purpose!

The Living Crystal is a powered meditation device. It literally gives you more of whatever it is we use to meditate, conduct energy, healing, perform pranayama, etc.

A LED illuminates the center of the crystal and shines through it to the top crystal, introducing a clear white light. A copper coil wrapped around the crystal is powered by a 9V battery and exerts a subtle magnetic field around the Vogel-like crystal that energizes the crystal and creates a field effect. This charges the surrounding area with energy. Subsequently, the crystal on top influences the field, and using a different crystal will give a different effect.

The Living Crystal amplifies the energy of crystal and the energy used in the meditative process.

In additional to amplifying the metaphysical properties of any crystal, it also enhances concentration, relaxes the body, and aids in learning.

It also places people into a trance state very quickly and opens your perception of the greater world around you.

Yes, all you need to do is turn it on and let it power up. Many people notice the effects in a matter of minutes. It can also be used with a variety of crystals, sacred objects, and stones. It works very well with religious iconography and mandalas for those who do that kind of work.

The device is powered by a standard 9V battery that can be purchased in any local store. If you plan on using it a lot, purchasing a rechargeable battery is a good idea.

The LEDs are rated for at least 10,000 hours. Most people should get many years of high-quality use from their Living Crystal Device.

The Living Crystal is a powered meditation device. It literally makes more of whatever we use in the meditative process. Most meditation devices aid in tuning into certain states of concentration by reproducing colors, sounds, or brainwaves. Others act as a kind of guided visualization or provide a timer. The Living Crystal gives you more of what you need to perform your practice; no other device works the same way.

Absolutely. It is designed to be very portable. The box it comes with works well. Just remember to wrap the crystal ball in something to prevent cracking in the event the bag it is in is dropped. If you place the Living Crystal into your checked luggage just make sure to disconnect the battery. Many luggage screening services look for battery-powered objects for security reasons and they require batteries to be disconnected.

The powered element is a Vogel-inspired cut quartz crystal and is not replaceable at this point in time. The device comes with a glass crystal ball that does a fantastic job of diffusing the energy generated by the crystal into a wider area. You can place a variety of crystals, stones, and sacred objects either on top of the device instead of the glass ball it comes with. The metaphysical properties of any of these objects will be amplified. Placing sacred objects near the base works well too.

Most people who are highly sensitive will notice the effect within moments. Performing the various meditation exercises will also enhance your sensitivity and results. Finally, you can simply place the device in the corner of a room and perform your meditative, reiki, tarot, and yogic exercises nearby. Within a few sessions, most people will notice a significant improvement in their practices' results.

Yes. It acts as an energy amplifier that will enhance any meditative practice. The more energetic practices such as qi gong, pranayama, tai chi, reiki and yoga will notice large improvements in their practice.

You can place a variety of crystals, stones, and sacred objects either on top of the device instead of the glass ball it comes with. Placing sacred objects near the base works well too. Most interestingly the books that describe the properties of stones have been proven correct by the Living Crystal device. It greatly enhances their effects in general.

It works very well in a group environment. It enhances the energy generated by the overall group and helps to propagate the “vibe” through the group of participants very effectively.

Start with 15-20 minutes. Many people have spent hours at a time working with the device and some people have even slept with it in their room overnight. Of course, use your best judgment.

This is not a more pain = more gain scenario. If it feels like it is too much simply turn it off, get up drink some water and go for a walk.

There is a 1-year warranty on the device.

We have found that it will easily last a full day on a fresh 9V battery. If you use it a lot we strongly advise purchasing a rechargeable battery. It is better for the environment and less expensive long term.

It is an enhancement of the basic function that crystals provide. As a powered device it simply makes their properties stronger and results in more of what they generate. From what we have seen the majority of books written on the use of crystals, and stones, are correct. The Living Crystal device simply enhances their effects and makes for a lovely display device. We sense many people who take their work with crystals seriously will want more than one unit just for this purpose.

The device is not certified for medical use, so we cannot make any claims to this effect. That said, coping methodologies that rely upon meditative/energetic/yogic technology appear to be significantly enhanced. The effects of herbal medicine, and alchemical preparations, appear to be greatly enhanced.

Keep your initial practice sessions relatively short to see how you react to it. Also, this is not a waterproof device. People with a pacemaker, or powered medical device, should be careful in their exploration of the device. Avoid combining the Living Crystal with plant medicine or hallucinogens.

A moist cloth works well for the base and glass ball. Keep this away from the electrical filament and remember to disconnect the battery before cleaning it. It should provide many years of reliable use.

We have a set of crystals that include rose quartz, natural quartz, and amethyst. We plan on offering a wider range of crystals in the near future.

Absolutely! It greatly reduces the workload of those practices and enhances results. Having provided the unit to a few high-level remote viewers they reported massive improvements in their ability to describe what they were looking at, a significant reduction in workload on their part allowing them to work longer and better. Energy healers report good results as do acupuncturists, body workers, and a variety of energetic-based practitioners.